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Las Chachitas were born out of a Franco-Mexican encounter, Chachita (Angelica) and Chachito (Fabien).

For years, faced with the difficulties of finding real Mexican hot sauces in France, Chachita has developed its own homemade recipes. Little by little, and given their success in our surroundings, the idea germinated to make it a joint project, with the aim of making truly Mexican sauces 100% made in France.

We have together selected typical Mexican quality ingredients, serrano peppers, arbol peppers, tomatillo, in order to introduce you to the flavors of Mexico. Result, a range of Mexican sauces, produced in France, 95
% of French origin, including 56% from Provence.

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Tomatoes, tomatillo, chile arbol, chile serrano, peanuts, garlic, onions,

salt, virgin olive oil, represent all the ingredients that you will find in our sauces, no preservatives, no additives.


Only natural products grilled and mixed just before potting and pasteurization.

"Our goal is to use as many products as possible
harvested in France."

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tomatillo, piments serrano vert, piment jalapeño vert
• Basic ingredients •
No worries about the basic ingredients, tomatoes, onions, garlic, we found producers near us, around
For the salt, we are currently working with Guérande salt, which we have been using in our recipes since the beginning, but we are studying the possibility of replacing it with Camargue salt, which is a stone's throw from Aix.

For olive oil, we have finally found what we are looking for in Provence, an oil from a cooperative, just next to Aix.
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• Rest of the world •
For the typical Mexican ingredients, chile arbol, chile serrano, and tomatillo verde, we had the chance to meet a Mexican married to a french market gardener from Poitou-Charente who started producing tomatillo and chile serrano a few years agow.

For arbol chili
it is only a matter of time, at the moment we are working with dried chilies imported from Mexico, but we are convinced that by the next harvest we will have found a solution.

Remains the peanut, which is not easily found in our latitudes, for the moment, it comes from Egypt. But we are very interested in a French region, the Landes, the only peanut producing region in Europe thanks to its sandy soils.
angie et fab, créateurs de la chachitas

Ulule Project

During 2022, we decided to launch our project on the crowdfunding platform, Ulule.

Objective ? Create interest and test the relevance of our products on the market. As a result, just over €4,300 in presales (project funded at 108%) which enabled us to partially finance the first productions of Las Chachitas.

A big thank you to all the contributors who believed in our project ☺️. You have your place forever in our hall

of fame.


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Inspired by typical Mexican red hot sauces, it is based on tomatoes, arbol peppers and red serrano peppers. Slightly sweet, it's the lightest of our sauces, but make no mistake, the chilli is there.


To be used in all your dishes

without moderation.




Inspired by typical Mexican green hot sauces, it is made with tomatillo, arbol and serrano peppers. Slightly tangy, it will surprise you with its power from the first bites.



To be used in all your dishes

without moderation.




Unlike our red and green hot sauces, she is not systematically found on Mexican tables, she is made from peanuts and arbol peppers. A pronounced taste immediately followed by a real spicy kick. Sensitive souls refrain.


To be used in all your dishes without moderation, it will also work miracles as a kitchen aid.

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Chachita (Angie)

The Mexican on the team, in France for 10 years, it is her need to eat spicy food that has pushed her to develop her recipes year after year in order to satisfy her addiction.

A buyer by trade, she also works on sourcing,

the supply of raw materials, etc....


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Chachito (Fabien)

The French half of the team, become addicted to chili by force of circumstance, today he can no longer do without it.

Motion designer by trade, he works on brand image (labels, packaging, etc.), communication and helps as best he can with product sourcing.

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