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Hot artisanal Mexican salsa, made in France from French red serrano and jalapeño peppers, arbol peppers and Provençal ingredients.


The perfect condiment to spice up everything you love!


Spiciness | 🇫🇷 2/6 | 🇲🇽 1/6

Serrano pepper: from 10K to 23K SHU

Jalapeño pepper: 2.5K to 8K SHU

Arbol pepper: from 15K to 30K SHU



Tomatoes, red onions, Provençal garlic and olive oil, serrano and red jalapeño peppers grown in France, arbol peppers... an explosion of flavors and a real kick of 🔥

Ideal for the curious not afraid of a little heat and wishing to discover or rediscover the flavors of Mexico.



Pairs perfectly with

BBQ / Red meat / Chicken / Tacos


Sauces with strong spiciness, find your dose before you start.

Salsa Roja

100 Grams
  • Spiciness

    🇫🇷 2/6 | 🇲🇽 1/6


    Raw materials

    99% from France | 82% from Provence


    Made in France


    Net weight | 180g


    Nutritional values (per 100g)

    Energy | 231 kj / 56 kcal

    Fat | 3,3g

    - of which saturated fatty acids | 0,5g

    Carbohydrates | 4,2g

    - including sugars | 2,6g

    Proteins | 1,3g

    Salt | 2g


    INGREDIENTS (origin in parentheses) • Tomatoes 64.8% (FR) / red onions (FR or EU) / serrano peppers 10.5% (FR) / red jalapeno peppers 5% (FR) / olive oil (FR) / garlic (FR) / sea salt Guérande (FR) / arbol peppers 1.13% (MX)

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