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Without them our hot sauces would not exist!

We introduce you to the professionals who accompany us in this beautiful adventure.



Avignon CTCPA

The Avignon agro-food technical center helped us validate our recipes, define a pasteurization scale and control their stability, for optimal food safety.

Since 1950, the CTCPA has supported companies in the agri-food sector in the areas of food quality and safety conservation, product and process development, industrial and environmental performance and packaging.

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La ferme de violaine

Our supplier of local products, tomatoes, garlic, red onions, oils, they cover 48.5% of our raw material needs.

Located in Venelles in Provence (like us),
La Ferme de Violaine is a “Big Little Farm”.

It brings together around ten passionate men and women on its land: winegrowers, market gardeners, beekeepers, poultry farmers, arborists... Their approach is based on absolute respect for people, nature, innovation, synergies and desire to transmit.

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Label d'occitanie

Our partner for the manufacture of sauces,
they take care of the cooking and the potting for us
and autoclave pasteurization.

Since 2014, Label d'Oc has been recovering unsold raw materials from Producers in the South of France.

An artisanal cannery at the service of Producers, offering the transformation of jars made from meat, fish, shellfish, gastropods, fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants.

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