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  • Where do "Las Chachitas" come from?
    The recipes for our sauces have been developed by us. They are made in France in Montpellier by a partner artisanal cannery.
  • Where do your raw materials come from?
    We attach particular importance to the quality of our products, which is why we work primarily with a local farm, la ferme de Violaine which associates on its lands a dozen passionate men and women: winegrowers, market gardeners, beekeepers, poultry farmers, arborists… They provide us with 48.5% of our raw materials, mostly organic. For the tomatillo and the serrano pepper, we work with a French organic market gardener, married to a Mexican woman who started producing these Mexican products a few years ago. Our arbol peppers do not come from France, they are imported from Mexico.
  • What ingredients are used in your hot sauces?
    To make our sauces, we work mostly with fresh products. Tomatoes, tomatillos, serrano peppers, onions, garlic. We also use dried arbol peppers which we import from Mexico, as we cannot yet find any in France, as well as peanuts, which come from Egypt. We add salt from Guérande and olive oil from Provence.
  • How to measure the strength of your hot sauce?
    The standard in the world of hot sauces is to refer to the Scoville scale. The method ? a puree of fresh peppers mixed with sugar water, tested by five brave volunteers. As long as the spicy sensation is still present, we increase the dilution, when the sensation disappears, the level of dilution is used as a measure of the strength of the pepper. The peppers we use are graded on the Scoville scale. SHU: Scoville Heat Units serrano pepper: from 10K to 23K SHU arbol pepper: from 15K to 30K SHU Regarding the classification of our sauces, it does not necessarily correspond to the levels of peppers that can be found in our recipes, but rather to the feelings of the brave volunteers who have tasted them and still taste them.
  • Are your sauces vegetarian/vegan?
    Unfortunately no, our sauces are made from vegetables, but the cannery we work with also works with other products. This is why you will find on our pots the following mention. Possible traces of: gluten, nuts, sesame, eggs, fish, sulphites, milk.
  • Do you have gift wrap options available?
    We have an offer that we call "the chachi box" This box contains our three sauces, presented in a box decorated with the image of our brand. This offer also includes a tote bag with the image of "las chachitas"
  • How do you deal with food allergies?
    We use only one allergenic product in our recipes, the peanut, which is present in one recipe, the chachi huate. Our sauces are made by the Label d'oc cannery in Montpellier, which also works with other products. Possible traces of: gluten, nuts, sesame, eggs, fish, sulphites, milk.
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