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  • Our sauces do not contain water or vinegar (EXCEPT our salsa habanero).

  • After opening, our sauces should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 to 4 weeks.

  • If you know you are not going to finish, you can freeze ❄️ the bottom of a jar, or if you prefer, you can prepare individual doses as soon as you open the jar (using ice cube trays per example) 😊.

bbq, grillade
Filet de poisson
assiette de riz
poulet fri

At the edge of the plate to spice up your dishes

Like in Mexico! The sauce is present everywhere and is used on everything. You will always find at least one salsa verde and one salsa roja to spice up the dishes.

Grilled meats (all meats or vegetables) / Fish / Vegetables / Rice / Chicken nuggets / Wings or fried chicken / Quesadillas….

In topping

Add a few drops
depending on your pepper tolerance.

On a chip with guacamole


On toast or sandwiches with ham, cheese…


On the raclette! And yes 😋

We highly recommend you

our salsa verde to spice up your next raclette

and its accompaniments.


Pizza / Burgers / Salads / Sandwiches


In mixture

Add as many tablespoons as needed,
to raise just the way you like!

With tuna / fresh cheese


With fresh cheese


With mayonnaise


Sour cream



Marinating meat for the BBQ

Kitchen help

Add one or more spoons
directly into your favorite preparations

Fajitas / Picadillo


Chili con or sin carne

(not Mexican but hey..)


Hummus with our salsa huate


Pasta with fresh cream

and our huate or roja salsas


Lasagna using our salsa roja

as tomato sauce


Pizza / Quiche


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recadrage_284x160 02.webp
pâtes à la bolognaise
Image de maryam jahanmehr
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